Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super-Excited for you.. Bhai!

Fighting, Arguing, Smirking, Teasing, Sharing secret jokes..wise words… and then longing the company of each other, since we were miles apart most of the times!
This defines what our relation has been, since our childhood days…
You eating ants..(chee)
You wearing my shoes to school..(cute)
You saying D..D..and not letting me leave for school..(bholu)
You throwing tantrums at mom..and dad..(bad boy)
You fighting with me and breaking the “pani ki matkis”..( bad boy *2)
You getting hurt in the fights and me getting the scoldings..( bad boy *3)
You getting your drawings done in return for called me DD with respect..(no brownie points here)
You being the best in school rankings..(hero)
You helping mom with her daily chores (sometimes)..(hero/2)
You telling me about your first crush..(good)
You telling me about your second crush..(ok)
You telling me about your third crush..(ab bas..)
You being called kanhaiyya in school..(izzat fa faluda)
You leaving for college (first time away from home) and being so brave about it..(hero*2)
You and me discussing girls/boys issues.. (Reema comes here in picture –super smart move)
You asking me for money when your party funds got over(-minus started)
You being protective about me and giving me such valuable advice..(best hai tu)
You not showing any emotion at first but then having red eyes while seeing me off for Infy and saying ‘All the best D’ (bhai wali feeling*10)
You getting me 2 perfectly wrapped gift from your salary (cha gae bhai)
You making Mom and Dad proud with your job..your studies….(-izzat ka faluda)
You showing the care for our family in your small ways…
And..that’s in short..what I can say…about you till the time we have spent till date.
I don't know if I can add up the plus or minuses but then it wouldn't be so much fun.
I hope I can write more such beautiful things when you start off a new chapter with your adorable Reema… But then I think ..I can easily delegate this to her.. J

Hope you two make the best of times ahead.. Loads of love!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meri Jodidaar!

I was in 4th, when I first saw her. I was playing with my brother in the evening and noticed that a brilliantly white girl with hazel eyes had shifted in our neighborhood. Our eyes met but we ignored each other.
My first thought was -" She is so pretty and rich. Definitely she must be arrogant. I cannot be friends with her."
The very next day, I learnt that she had taken admission in my school in the same section. She remembered me from the other day.
My thought - "This is my chance to become her first friend since I'm her neighbor too."
That's how it all started..
Our first 'small talk' when I realized she is just the opposite of what I thought.
Our decided 'play time' in the evenings alternately at our homes.
Our endless playtimes when 5th board papers were leaked.
Our first visit 5-seater visit to the 'aeroplane park'.
Our celebrating Bdays together.
Ours studies on slate and then copies.
Her brother giving us marks on our writing and deciding our ranks. I always ranked 2nd.

Our friendship was just too good for the first few years. Then slowly, she made a new friend and I made mine. Both of us hurt each other at that time in our childish ways but still she was the first one to apologize. I being the adamant one had to do so after getting scolded from my Mom.

So, with this amended friendship and renewed bond, years passed by. Our parents too became attached.
She always used to laugh at the faces I made and I was always surprised at how we both shared the same thoughts and spoke the same thing at the same time.  We were discussing our parents once and we discovered that even our parents speak the exact same things.

We both screwed up our Maths subject marks in 10th, courtesy MP Board glitches.
We were both standing in front our Princi and begging him with teary eyes to admit us in 11th Maths section. There were many others too, but after seeing her, my father told not to worry. He said, you will go to a new school if your Princi does not allow and your best friend will be there with you. On listening to this, she too smiled faintly and agreed that this was really a good option. We both agreed that if not SJCS, then any place would be good, if we had each other.

In 11th, 12th, she was again my partner in coachings and gossips. We spent an awesome time together in classes, laughing at boy etc etc. We would always stick together in class and even if one of us did not get the seat, our Joshi sir used to bring a chair and say -"Apni jodidaar ko bula le". If she missed a class, he will ask this for sure-"Teri jodidaar kaha hai?"

That's was the one point I realized that we really were inseparable and everyone knew it!

Come college and we barely had time to meet. Still, whenever I was miserable and remembered her, I don't know how she always called at the same time. This telepathy was so unique for us that we always manged to morally support when the other one was in trouble.

Our call frequencies reduced and with my parents shifting places, it became difficult to meet her. Still we managed to meet once a year and that was it.

4 months back, after a long wait for her marriage, she called me to give me the good news and I was ecstatic. I wished her all luck but could not attend it as it was on the same day on my new company's joining date. What I had not guessed that it would be the last time I was talking to her.

I was waiting to call her again after marriage when she came back from her honeymoon, when a sudden shocking news was given to me by my friend that she died of brain fever.

That was the day and till this day, I see her in my dreams, miss her every moment and think how she was in her last moments. Was she in pain? Did she remember me? I regret to this day for not attending her marriage.. atleast could have seen her. But, I guess, she remembered me, as she asked to post her marriage pics as her last wish.

There's a saying that your life is successful if there are 5 friends with you in your last moments. But for her, there was not one.
It's a sad end for her and even sadder for me. I'm left alone without you -'my jodidaar'.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

All for a filthy ego!

Two people having similar views = No problem
Two people having contradicting views, willing to listen = No problem
Two people having contradicting views, not willing to listen = Some problem
But two people contradicting each other just for ego sake =
I know there is no joy comparable to this.. to satisy your egos…
But I will do no good to any of you…at any point!
Be willing to listen and least for the sake of you friendship!

Friday, December 9, 2011


There are times when your friends are so close to you and some multiple times when you feel that they are not the same.. They somehow behave in so weird a manner that you are left thinking...
"What went wrong??!!"
"Did I do something?"
"Is he/she pissed off with something?"
"Is he/she expecting something that you should know?"
After watching such complicated behaviors such as not talking..ignoring deliberately and mocking and not getting even a single clue as to what happened..You are just left thinking...
P.S. - In cases like these, Nemo just waits and watches out for these times..waits for her friends to settle their personal turmoils and get back on track..with her! ;) ;)
Needless to say - It's all in their head or rather heart!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Living your passion!

I’m a foodie.
This is a simple statement, implying a lot of humor for some of my friends who have always finished my plate….some.. who always blame me for eating zero spice food, no nothing…

Now, if that humor is done with, I just wanted to divert your attention to why I wrote that.
The point is..I love food. I love watching someone prepare artistic food…any kind…of it.
So, these days, I have been like addicted to the Masterchef Australia series and have been smelling, tasting and fantasizing about the artistic delicacies they prepare.

So, what good is this info for any of you?
Umm..well..I was just coming to the derivation part.
In the Masterchef , or for that matter in any other competition, there comes a moment when some contestants have to leave. Some of them have to leave before even before they had a chance to enter the finals. At that point, we are shown the journey from where they started to where they have come.

The day.. when they had never thought that their love for their passion can be much greater than their profession. They just thought why not give it a try..and voila..their lives changed forever. They just knew where their passion lies and just went all out for it.

Their journey of making small mistakes to disasters..crying all over it and then gathering themselves to give it their best shot. Learning new things, rectifying mistakes… day in and day out. Surprisingly…emerging as winners in semis but still not reaching the finals.

And then opening the doors for leaving the competition.

This is ‘the’ point which leaves me so spell bound. I always find myself in that person’s place and wonder how I would react to it.

Sad to have lost it..just before the finals…thinking that you ought to be there and make your near and dear ones proud. Dejected at heart…BUT!!

Happy that you lived your dream …your passion…gave your best.. stretched your limits..
You made the best of the journey….learnt like never before…and be ‘PROUD’ that you got this chance to rethink that you had this passion and you did something about it…

And does not matter that you ever win the finals…or whatever.. it is time have a big Gulab Jamun!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Defying reality!?

I have always felt that most of us who claim that they do not believe in something, actually think otherwise.

Take for instance..when they say-
I do not expect! (Highly expecting they will be ;))
I do not need anyone! (Problem is..they have been with someone who has let them down and they badly need a friend to make them stand upright!)
I do not drink! (Only once or twice a week/month and some friend's parties but still I don't drink.)
I don't believe in dieting! (These have already tried their hands at whatever crash diets possible + daily dosage of pastries/butter/burgers.)
I cannot love anyone now! (These are actually the ones who have been waiting for the miracle to happen again..and you should see them once they have it! :D)

Typical human nature to defy the real self..what else should I say(since I have said it all :P)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 generations!

It was raining heavily and I was standing in my balcony, smelling the aromas in air.
I was enjoying the sight of some children playing in my building’s park, kicking each other, boxing, daring to walk on pipes(although not advised), running like mads and enjoying each and every drop splattering around them. Suddenly, as I looked up, there was a very old lady watching me one instance and then the kids on the other instance.

Just a typical situation where 3 generations were present..
One daring to dream for future..
One already lived the dream in the past..
One living the dream in the present..

But in our hearts we all know … we all dream to live the present but..!